How Smart Thinkers Digitize Their Handwritten Notes

Introducing the world’s most intuitive and feature-rich app designed specifically for capturing, organizing, and sharing handwritten notes.


Features you love

One-Click Capture with Auto-Detect

We developed the quickest, most intuitive process for digitizing -- and tagging -- handwritten notes.

Real-Time Commenting System

No other app allows recipients to comment on your digitized note after you share it. Ours does, and it’s revolutionizing idea sharing and collaboration.

Instant OMR Tagging

When used with the THINKERS Notebook, you can tag your notes automatically with the app. Use our default tags or customize your own.


Do More With Your Best Ideas

Transform the ideas in your THINKERS Notebook from simple hand-written notes on a page into high-resolution digital images that you can access, edit, and share to anyone in the world (no software required).

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Why you need the app


Flexible Sharing

Share anywhere with anyone -- and it's all built right into our intuitive interface

You might need to share meeting notes securely with a colleague inside of a program like Salesforce. Or perhaps you want to share the sketch you just did with the entire world on social media. The THINKERS Notebook App has you covered in both cases -- and for everything in between.

We know that your ideas are only so powerful as long as they sit idly by in your notebook, or even in the app. So we wanted to make sharing as intuitive and flexible -- and secure, if you need it to be -- as possible. This includes having built-in integrations for enterprise software services that most apps don't even consider. We aren't going to limit your sharing; instead, we want to empower it.


Real-Time Collaboration

Innovative web-based commenting enables instant feedback and communication.

Sharing your notes and ideas is one thing. Now imagine that the person you've shared your digitized notebook page with can simply tap on the image and add a comment, and that you can see and respond to the comment in real-time (or at any time later)? Oh, and they can do this all without having to log in to anything. Sounds almost too good to be true right?

Well, that's how the web-based commenting system works for the THINKERS Notebook App. We built it because we believe that collaboration is what gives your notes and ideas the power to change worlds. And collaboration will only happen if its intuitive, convenient, and quick. This is all three.


Optimized Capture (with Auto-Tagging)

Seamless digitization and organization of your notebook pages ... without even a click.

Turning your hand-written notes and ideas into high-resolution digital images that are automatically organized could not be easier or more intuitive than it is with the THINKERS Notebook App.

All you do is open your THINKERS Notebook to the page you want to capture, lay your book flat, and open your camera app. Then point and capture. Your paper note is digitized and the reliable auto-tagging feature organizes it -- without you even needing to name it. And all this with no clicks needed, and no image to trim or manual sorting either.

Magic? Nope. Just meticulous design and engineering of the app so it's as quick and simple as possible.


Secure Storage

Secure, reliable cloud storage gives you instant access and peace of mind.

The two most important reasons to digitize your hand-written notebook pages are protecting yourself against a catastrophe (like losing your notebook) and ensuring that you have instant access to your notes and ideas when you need them. 

The THINKERS Notebook App has some impressive bells and whistles, but it was built with these fundamental principles in mind first -- because without them, nothing else matters. 

Using Google's proven cloud infrastructure to stare your digital notes, the THINKERS Notebook App gives you the reliability you need and the peace of mind you crave.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store files on Dropbox, etc?

Do you have an existing Dropbox or Evernote account where you want to store your files? No problem. We built integrations with both programs (and others) right into the app, so moving your notes to either location is a breeze.

Is the app still in beta?

No. Version 1.0 of the THINKERS App is now available on both iOS and Android!

And you can rest assured that getting Version 1.0 out the door has not made us complacent; it's only made us hungrier to improve the app even more, which our team of developers is probably doing right now as you read this.

Furthermore, we want your help. Who better to help us improve the app than the people who will actually be using it?

So if you stumble upon a bug while using the app, or if you have a constructive suggestion for ways we can make it better, send us an email to

Is this free to use?

Absolutely. You can save digitized notes in the app! And you're welcome to add/delete as many times as you like within that limit. In the future, we may have a paid version with additional features. But for now, it's free - so enjoy!

Can I use it with any notebook?

The THINKERS Notebook App was engineered specifically for the THINKERS Notebook's unique landscape page layout -- which we designed for convenient lay-flat ability at your workspace.

The app can instantly distinguish a THINKERS Notebook page and capture a photo that is perfectly proportioned. The app also uses the auto-tagging icons to organize the image automatically.

Do people need to log in to collaborate?

No! This is one of the most powerful elements of the sharing and collaboration features of the app.

Our sharing links are "smart links" with the collaboration features built into them. So even without logging in, someone can tap any spot in the image and leave a comment. And with the real-time commenting system, you'll see and be able to respond to their comment instantly.

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