Do more with your best ideas

A new way to capture, organize, and collaborate.

Record your ideas in any format, retrieve them easily with smart search and personalized folders, and share them with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

appstore-logo * Requires iOS 13 or higher
Quick Capture

Quickly record notebook pages, images, audio, video, and more.

Smart Search

Recall notes by content or location to find what you need now.

Easy Collaboration

Get feedback from anyone on any device with our innovative sharing.

Secure Storage

Includes private cloud storage with optional custom data sync.


A better way to capture & organize your ideas on your phone!

This app fits your personal note-taking style and ensures that you never lose or forget an important idea.


The best ideas start with pen and paper. Handwriting recognition for THINKERS Notebook pages.

Audio & Video

Why type when you can talk? Includes automatic transcription for easy searchability.


A picture can capture an idea or memory. Includes automatic image recognition and tagging.


Never lose your group’s shared vision. Share to keep the collaboration going.

Share and Collaborate ... no account required!

Why should collaborators have to create another account just to see and view your notes?

Our web-based sharing and commenting system makes it easy to share and collaborate on your notes with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

And with our web-based commenting system you can receive notifications, track comments, and reply in-line.


Note-taking for your world

Whether it's scanning pages in your notebook, capturing pictures of whiteboards or just sharing meeting conversations, the THINKERS App is optimized for how you engage with ideas in the real world.

Easily store and retrieve ideas by location

The interactive map gives you a helpful, location-based option for retrieving ideas. Plus, the app will use location awareness to automatically pull up past notes once you arrive back at the same location.

From real estate agents and consultants to anyone who enjoys traveling and exploring, location-aware notes ground your ideas in their geographical reality.

Take note: we respect your privacy and security, so location tags are only applied to your ideas if you grant permission. If you do, you may find that location awareness is the feature you didn't know you needed ... but can't live without.


The ideal companion for your THINKERS Notebook

The THINKERS App is the perfect companion to the THINKERS Notebook - transforming handwritten notes into digital ideas.

The unique page design enables easy auto-capture, and our handwriting recognition automatically transcribes your page title and #tags within the app - and so much more.

While the THINKERS App includes optimizations for the THINKERS Notebook, you can scan and store pages from any notebook.


Elegant & Intuitive User Interface

Because interacting with your ideas should be a pleasant and personalized experience.


3000+ THINKERS ... and growing

Read what members of our exclusive beta testing program had to say about the new THINKERS App.

Embrace the power of your ideas

The THINKERS App will help you do more with your best ideas while giving you the peace of mind that they’ll always be right there when you need them.

appstore-logo * Requires iOS 13 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use the THINKERS App?

It depends. If you just want to capture and store notebook images, then you can do that without restriction. But if you want to use the additional features of the THINKERS App, then you’ll need to be a THINKERS+ member. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual billing, and you'll get a 7-day free trial to take the premium features for a test drive.

Do I need to own a THINKERS Notebook to use the THINKERS App?

No. The basic notebook capture function and all other premium features will work regardless of what notebook you have.

The difference is that THINKERS Notebook customers get the fully optimized notebook capture feature -- auto-recognition and auto-capture, title recognition, handwriting scanned into searchable text -- for free.

If you use a non-THINKERS Notebook, you will get the handwriting recognition as a premium THINKERS+ customer, but not the auto-capture or title recognition.

How do I get a THINKERS Notebook?

So glad you asked. Click here to learn more about the THINKERS Notebook.

We should let you know that THINKERS+ customers get a discount on their first notebook purchase, in case you want to set that up first.

Do you have an iPad app?

Not yet. Most ideas are captured in the moment with a phone, so our first focus was to create the best phone app for digitizing and organizing ideas in all their forms. But creating an iPad app is in our future plans.

Is there an Android version?

No -- but we are working on it.

Can I sync my notes to a cloud storage service of my choice?

Once you activate your Plus account, you’ll be able to set up cloud sync to the service of your choice, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

I have the old version of the THINKERS App. What do I do with my old notes?

We've made this easy for you.

When you create an account inside of the new THINKERS App with the same email address as your existing THINKERS App account, you will be presented with an easy one-tap import button you can hit to bring your notes over and consolidate your account.

If for any reason you want to keep the old app and keep those notes separate from the new app, then you'll need to use a new email address when signing up for the latest version of the THINKERS App.

Will the THINKERS App actually help me become a better thinker?

If by "better thinker" you mean someone who spends more time exploring ideas and turning them into action, then yes, we know our app can help.

To be clear: just downloading the THINKERS App and subscribing to the premium features will do nothing by themselves. They are merely tools to assist you in thinking better. But if you use the app consistently, then you will undoubtedly get into the habit of doing more with your ideas.

Where might that lead you? Who knows, but we're excited to help you find out.

What is your cancellation policy?

Pretty simple: if you sign up for THINKERS+, you can cancel anytime and we won't charge you again until you restart your subscription. Apple used to make cancelling subscription apps a real pain, but it's much easier now.

If you cancel, you can still use the free features of the app.

Still have a question? Visit our Support Center